Monthly Goals

November Intentions – Kayla in the City – Fitness Article

November Intentions – Kayla in the City ✨ THRIVE not just Survive ✨ Lately, I haven’t been feeling like I’m thriving — I’m honestly just trying to get through each week. I’m taking things day by day. All of this is of course to expected when you’re figuring out a new routine after an 8 year-long relationship. I’m still getting used to this “new normal” and what that means. This month I went to get back to thriving. Doing the…

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November 2019 Goals – KookyRunner – Running Fitness Article

Happy Friday! It’s already time to set goals for another month. October was a great, but crazy month. I ran my 4th marathon and completed Hell Week at Orangetheory Fitness. I feel like I’m finally catching my breath! Since it’s the start of a new month it’s time to list my monthly goals for November. I love setting monthly goals to keep myself accountable throughout the year. First, let’s take a look at my goals from October: Enjoy the Chicago…

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