Mother’s Day

The Many Faces of Motherhood – Fitness Article

The Many Faces of Motherhood   Today is Mother’s Day, and it’s making me think a little bit about motherhood, specifically how it can show up in so many different ways.   In the past year alone:   I’ve coached and trained several rockstar mommas who amaze me with how they navigate taking care of their families while also prioritizing their own wellness.   I’ve watched some women struggle with their self-worth after becoming moms, and I’ve seen other women…

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Mother’s Day 2019 – The Workout Mama – Workout Fitness Article

My two oldest had special mother’s day themed events at their schools last week. I loved getting to spend quality time with each of them. Their teachers did an amazing job and I left feeling so loved. I love looking back at their artwork over the years so I am posting this for my future self. Mommy Spa & Mom Facts My son had a pamper mom day spa in his classroom. He gave me a massage, applied my makeup,…

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