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All Compasses Go Wild – Jack Crawford Springburn Cup 10k 2020 – Running Fitness Article

All Compasses Go Wild – Jack Crawford Springburn Cup 10k 2020 Disclaimer: I know how I feel about running is different from how others feel and I am glad we are all different. I’ll be me, you’ll be you and we can all be happy. 🙂 Firstly thanks to all the kind comments on my previous blog on my Maranoiacoronavirusism and glad that the “Get it roon ye ya wee weather fud” approach was helpful to people 🙂 Still though…

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Roadrunner – the Strathaven 10k 2019 – Running Fitness Article

Roadrunner – the Strathaven 10k 2019 Are we there yet? Is the season finished yet? At least there’s a XC lull and it’s back to the roads. I’ve had my double peak this year and pretty much nailed what I tried to do but even though last week’s XC showed that the tank is about empty but I still have another couple of races to do before I fade back into oblivion again. Strathaven “Run with the wind” (aye right!) 10k.…

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Seconds – The Drumpellier 5k 2019 – Running Fitness Article

OK let’s cut to the chase. If you are one of those ones who has indeed found me irritating in the past then I warn you, this one will have you reaching for the markgallmac voodoo doll or for the keyboard to proclaim your indignation at my attitude under a catchy nom de plume. Oh aye, it is going to be that bad. Just remember my head is not your head and ignoring better judgement I will always go through…

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