Cardiovascular Disease. How Can Your Physio help? – Pilates Fitness Article

Cardiovascular Disease. How Can Your Physio help? Cardiovascular or Heart disease is Australia’s Leading cause of death, killing one Australian every 28 minutes according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics 2018. Heart disease is when your heart muscle can’t effectively pump blood around your body. There are a wide range of reasons as to why this may be. Some factors are lifestyle related (reduced exercise, poor diet, smoking etc), however other causes can be unknown (idiopathic) or genetic. Health professionals…

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Pilates Equipment: Small Stability Ball – Pilates Fitness Article

Pilates Equipment: Small Stability Ball Bend + Mend’s Pilates-Informed classes use different pieces of Pilates equipment to add variability and further challenge our clients. In this blog we are going to talk about our small stability ball. The stability ball can be used to challenge the stability of different muscle groups depending on how it is used. Below are three ways in which this piece of equipment can be used during our sessions: Arms in straps: Placing the ball underneath…

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