Learn. To do. The Roll Up. and other Pilates Mantras… – Pilates Fitness Article

Learn. To do. The Roll Up. and other Pilates Mantras… Welcome new subscribers! Thanks for joining me on this amazing journey that is our beloved Pilates Method. I’ve been thinking about you and as always, I’ve got the Pilates exercises at the forefront of my mind. Where’d you go, Bernadette?! Thank you so much for all of your sweet emails and comments expressing your love for the blog and your concern that you’ve not been receiving my once-weekly emails. There’s…

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Getting Bored vs. Getting Better – Pilates Fitness Article

Getting Bored vs. Getting Better It’s no secret I spend considerable time thinking about our beloved Pilates Method. My favorite aspect of our system is, well, that whole ‘system’ thing… I truly enjoy that we have a specific framework in which to workout. Order! Order! Our classical system has a specific order of exercises on the Reformer and on the Mat. Combined with ‘We only have one exercise‘ Joe Pilates has literally built crucial skill-building into his method. Repetition is…

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