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Do Carbs, Sugar, Or “Bad” Foods Make You Fat? (The Real Answer) – Workout Fitness Article

People often ask me if eating a certain food, food group, or nutrient will make them fat. Common examples include… Carbs Sugar Fat Fructose Gluten Dairy Alcohol Fruit Red Meat Unhealthy Food/Junk Food/Dirty Food Fast Food Food That Cavemen Didn’t Eat And on and on and on… Really, you can think of any food in existence and there will likely be people out there right now who are avoiding it because they think eating it will make them gain fat.…

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7 Proven Ways To Make It Faster – Workout Fitness Article

Do you want to know how to increase your metabolism? If so, there’s something you need to know up front: most of the advice you’ll find is crap. It’s largely a collection of silly myths, dangerous methods, and insignificant things that may technically work but won’t actually be enough to speed up your metabolism to any meaningful degree. How wonderful! But I do have some good news. There are 7 proven ways to make your metabolic rate faster: Gain more…

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