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Best and Worst 2019 NYC Marathon Shoes » Believe in the Run – Running Fitness Article

The 2019 TCS New York City Marathon is quickly approaching and as it is with all marathon majors, shoe companies are battling for the best special edition shoe design to capture the spirit of the event. Some are cool, some are head-scratching, while others look like they were passed off to the intern who forgot to take his Adderall and/or Art Design 101. Here are our picks for best/worst 2019 NYC Marathon Shoes. Altra Escalante Racer NYC I’m gonna be…

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» New Balance 1400v6 Shoe Review FueledByLOLZ – Running Fitness Article

The New Balance 1400v6 Shoe Review: The New Balance 1400 is a consistent and established racing flat for many runners. There is enough cushion to race a marathon, but it’s also light enough to race a hard mile. In my quest to find a marathon racing shoe for the New York City Marathon, I tried the New Balance 1400v6. Ultimately, I think the New Balance Fuelcell Rebel will be my marathon choice, but I like the ride of the NB…

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