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» Alps Diner (Wayne) FueledByLOLZ – Running Fitness Article

» Alps Diner (Wayne) FueledByLOLZ Alps Diner (Wayne, NJ) After hiking with my good friend Shawn, we decided to stop at the Alps Diner in Wayne, NJ. Hard to believe Shawn is one of my closest friends, but we have yet to go to a diner together. I guess she was initiated. Alps Diner Atmosphere: AThe Alps Diner sticks out in Wayne, NJ. The exterior is metallic, shiny, and the Alps Diner is abnormally tall. It’s hard to miss when…

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» Town and Country Diner (Toms River) FueledByLOLZ – Running Fitness Article

» Town and Country Diner (Toms River) FueledByLOLZ Town and Country Diner (Toms River) Last month when driving to the Toms River Diner, Cyd and I drove by the Town and Country Restaurant in Toms River. There was no internet proof of it and we thought, another new diner not that far away? Sweet! Cyd is the owner of the website New Jersey Isn’t Boring, which provides information on all things New Jersey including: events, diners, and day trips. The…

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