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Going Plant-Based OR ELSE – Fitness Article

Going Plant-Based OR ELSE More and more, conversation around optimal diets pushes toward a vegetarian or vegan approach. There are some powerful benefits associated with eating more plants, so the trend is largely a beneficial one. However – does this mean that we have to eat plant-based, or else? Some resources out there are alarmist, using dramatic over-interpretations of scientific research to portray that climate change and death by heart attack will be inevitable results of eating any animal products…

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When Should You Avoid Ginger? – Fitness Article

Hello All!!!! Ginger is an answer to a lot of ailments like colds, cough, or digestive problems. However, it has cons also that are not known to many people. It may be hailed in Ayurveda but even this natural form of medication can be a health hazard for people who have certain health conditions. If you have any of the following conditions, you should stop eating ginger right away! Ginger is effective in weight loss and that is why many…

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