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Can Vitamin E and Exercise Help Kids Learn? – Workout Fitness Article

Can Vitamin E and Exercise Help Kids Learn? One hundred twenty adolescents in Saudi Arabia ages 15–18 were assessed by scientists who were curious to discover if a link exists between vitamin E intake, school performance and exercise. Told not to alter their eating or activity habits, the teens were divided into three groups according to their activity level: mild (<500 metabolic equivalent minutes per week), moderate (500–2,500 MET/min/week) or active (>2,500 MET/min/week). Blood samples were collected at regular, consistent…

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5 Secrets About High-Fat Diets – Workout Fitness Article

High-fat diets have surged in popularity over the last several years, and many nutrition coaches have utilized them with clients for weight loss. Despite their recent popularity, they are not new diets. They have been used over the last century in different iterations. We have learned a lot about them over that time frame. Here are five secrets that you should know about high-fat diets. 1. High-Fat Diets Do NOT Make you Burn More Calories The idea that eating fat…

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