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Do you need to take Physique 57’s pregnancy class? (if you’re pregnant) – Fitness Article

Hi friends! Last week I shared a scorecard of my favorite classes to take while pregnant. One of the classes that ranked the highest was Physique 57. Physique is so welcoming to pregnant ladies they even offer a special workshop called “Fit for Pregnancy” that teaches you all of the modifications you need for their class. The workshop itself is a great workout. But you may be asking yourself: Do I need this workshop? above, a recent picture of me…

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My fav fitness classes while pregnant in NYC – Fitness Article

My fav fitness classes while pregnant in NYC Well well, look what the cat dragged in (me). I haven’t posted in ages, which means I’ve not shared some big personal news: I’m pregnant. I’m due (as if it’s a very strict appointment) at the end of June. running at 24 weeks in SavannahIn the last 30 weeks or so, I’ve tried a bunch of different workout classes to varying degrees of success. Working out while pregnant is different for everyone.…

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