Couple Escapes Grizzly Bear While on Canoe Trip – Fitness Article

Couple Escapes Grizzly Bear While on Canoe Trip November 15, 2019 When Todd and Kerri Mozinski left for the Northwest Territories of Canada for a weekslong canoe trip, they told friends and family to expect them back in 40 days. Five days in, sitting awake through the night as an 8’ grizzly bear circled their camp, they realized that perhaps they had misjudged that guidance. Their only mode of transportation had been torn apart by the claws of the bear…

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See Me First for My Ability – Fitness Article

See Me First for My Ability Patricia Walsh is a world-champion triathlete, author and award-winning engineer who became blind at age 5. She’s also a woman of adventure and our guest for the fourth episode. Our guest host is Rebecca, one of the creative directors behind the Women of Adventure series. Listen in as we discuss Patricia’s achievements as well as her life philosophy. What’s new with Garmin: Keep listening after our feature story if you want to hear about:…

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Explore more with the Garmin Overlander, a whole new navigation experience for adventure travelers – Fitness Article

October 28, 2019 The Garmin Overlander is an all-terrain, all-in-one GPS navigator specifically designed to fit the needs of the growing overlanding community. From navigating the intricate roads of suburbia to exploring remote regions of the great outdoors, the Overlander offers turn-by-turn, world-renowned directions from Garmin and built-in topo (topography) maps. Thanks to this detailed topo mapping data, travelers can use the Overlander for off-grid guidance covering public land boundaries, 4×4 roads for North and South America and much more.…

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Angelo Grinceri Leading A 15 Minute Upper-Body Workout With No Equipment – Intrinsic Strength Training® – Workout Fitness Article

This 15 minute workout puts a focus on and burns the shoulders, arms, chest, core, while getting your heart rate up to start sweating! This great upper body workout is complete with a warm up that mobilizes the shoulders, upper back, and spine. Subscribe for more exercise videos and Angelo’s advice. Any questions, I can be reached at Angelo@IntrinsicStrengthTraining.com @AngeloGrinceriwww.IntrinsicStrengthTraining.com Just remember…. “MAKING YOUR DAY GREAT IS UP TO YOU, I JUST LEAD BY EXAMPLE”  Like it, Share it, Subscribe for more…

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