Write Your Training Programs Like a Book – Workout Fitness Article

Write Your Training Programs Like a Book Do you remember your high school English class? When your teacher first taught you how to write an essay, they probably began first with how to create an outline. Once you format your outline, it will be easier to organize and fill in the details. With a framework to guide your thought process, you can write an entire essay from beginning to end.   If your teacher asks you to write an essay…

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Periodized Training For The Intermediate CrossFit Athlete » Science for Fitness – Fitness Article

Every year around February the CrossFit community is abuzz with talk of the CrossFit Open. This 5-week event is the first of three stages that ultimately crowns the “fittest” men and women alive. When the Open was first introduced in 2011 it was more of a community fitness event. Everyone of all skill levels was encouraged to participate and although some harder movements would appear (i.e., muscle-ups), they would generally appear towards the end of the 5 Open workouts enabling…

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