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Stress relieving tips – Pilates Fitness Article

Stress relieving tips Wash away stress with these simple tips 2015 for me started with the incredible experience of welcoming our new baby home. It was a wonderful time, but did also ring in the reality, that the resolutions I had were probably going to need a little re-thinking. In fact, between changing nappies at home and changing springs in the studio, I figured this could be a great opportunity to share some quick and easy stress relieving tips. It doesn’t…

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Autumn Pilates Retreat + DIY retreat tips – Pilates Fitness Article

Autumn Pilates Retreat + DIY retreat tips Autumn is officially here and as much as the changing scenery and beautiful colours lift the soul, the impending winter and shortening days can also leave us low on energy and retreating inwards. But retreating isn’t necessarily a negative action. One of its literal meanings is to withdraw into a safe and secure place, which sounds like a sensible thing to do when life gets a little stressful. So lets try to beat…

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Welcome to the Power of Now – Pilates Fitness Article

Welcome to the Power of Now As someone involved in wellbeing, I should definitely tell you that true contentment is discovered in being truly present in the moment. The power of now.However, to give your ‘now’ a little perspective it is certainly sensible to take a moment to look into the past, and also to prepare for the future. Sometimes it’s as a way to learn from past mistakes and step into your future with a renewed perspective. Or other times…

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Jo on the simple things: Gratitude, and being cooked for – Pilates Fitness Article

Jo on the simple things: Gratitude, and being cooked for It’s always wonderful to hear from our guests about their Azulfit experiences and how they have impacted on their lives in such a positive way. However, we forget sometimes to reflect on how much the guests and the experience has a positive effect on our own lives too. It was so welcomed and beautiful to receive this blog from our inspirational Pilates teacher and nutritional advisor, Jo, who is fresh back…

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Fencing: The Sport You Should Be Doing – Workout Fitness Article

NYU has taught me a lot and one of those things were, sports needn’t be concussion-inducing, ego inflating, and have a retirement age of 45 to be considered legit. Sometimes we overlook things such as fighting hard mano y mano, mental toughness and strategy, graceful technique, and longevity.   Fencing originated in the 14th century by both the Italians and the Germans. Marxburder of Frankfurt being the first guild opened in 1478. It was introduced to the Olympics in 1896.…

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