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Posture & Back Pain – Does it Matter? – Running Fitness Article

Posture & Back Pain – Does it Matter? ‘Stand up straight!’ How many of us have heard this statement and wondered why? Posture has long been associated with notions of health and well-being. Before posture was blamed for causing poor health and physical pain – it had a different role altogether. Posture is originally a French word that has its origin in classical Latin ‘Positura’ – referred to the “the relative disposition of the various parts of something; esp. the…

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5 MASTERS (40+yrs) RUNNER CONSIDERATIONS – Running Fitness Article

While running across the lifespan can help to slow the rate of decline of cardiovascular capacity and strength, as a runner enters the masters years (40+) they will experience an inevitable and unavoidable progressive decline physiologically, bio-mechanically and also performance wise. A boom in masters runners taking to and continuing on with recreational running has been one of the key drivers in what has been referred to as the second running boom worldwide. The number of finishers at the New…

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Common knee injuries in cycling, their causes and what to do about them – Running Fitness Article

Common knee injuries in cycling, their causes and what to do about them With participation in cycling on the rise, so too are the chronic injuries that can come with the sport. These are caused by training errors including rapid increases in training volume and/or increased hill training, incorrect use of gearing, incorrect bike frame size, incorrect bike saddle height or position, incorrect cleat positioning, or abnormalities of the rider(1). Anterior Knee Pain Causes of anterior knee pain include patellofemoral…

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