Pockets of Joy

ELDOA – Kathleen Trotter – Fitness Article

ELDOA – Kathleen Trotter Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE attending any type of continuing education — so the ELDOA moves themselves AND the act of getting certified were both pockets of joy. Giving myself the space and time to sharpen my “practitioner eyes,” network and be inspired by other trainers, and add additional tools to my professional toolbox makes me a happy duck. Plus, the ELDOA poses make my spine happy! To be honest, I didn’t love…

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A TIFF-themed Pocket of Joy: A life lesson, “daughter points,” found time, 90s nostalgia, and guilt-free tea! – Fitness Article

I am going to be TOTALLY honest — I didn’t really want to go to TIFF (the Toronto Film Festival). I don’t typically love crowds and networking. After a stern Kathleen-to-Kathleen lecture, I decided to “lean in,” and shock of all shocks … the whole “scene” was actually kind of fun!! At the very least, the future dry-shampoo-using me will have a few moments of free time.  How have I wasted so much life washing my hair or just living…

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My Annual Elvis Weekend — a.k.a. my annual pre-programmed opportunity to recharge!!! – Fitness Article

The two key words are “pre-programmed” and “recharge”!! Consciously schedule both the things and experiences that you value and time with people you love (including yourself). When things are not scheduled they don’t — or very rarely — actually happen. Once booked you can always opt out or reschedule, but the law of inertia dictates that if it is scheduled you will most likely just do it! (The naggy trainer in me is going to take this opportunity to also…

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