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Caption for HUSTLERS MOVIE and SHADOWBAN – – Pole Dancing Fitness Article

Caption for HUSTLERS MOVIE and SHADOWBAN – Copy and paste to Instagram accounts @jlo @cardib and @hustlersmovie FOR DM Can’t wait to see this movie!!! It’s soooo ironic that while we are cheering you on, Instagram has shadow banned pole dancing and pole dance related hashtags from Instagram. It has banned the real pole dancers from IG. Wanted to send you a DM about how you can help real life pole dancers get some respect like you and your girls…

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Learn About and Take Action on the Pole Dance Shadowban – Pole Dancing Fitness Article

Learn About and Take Action on the Pole Dance Shadowban Written by AM Davies Pictured above, Elizabeth B Fit Social media has officially gone too far and we all have the same question, how much further will this go?  The majority noticed the threat with the recent Pole Dance Shadowban, but we are learning, it’s much bigger than that. It feels oddly like how we would imagine things going in the beginning of the end of ‘Handmaid’s Tale’. The systematic…

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World Pole Dance Day – A Way for us to All UNITE! – Pole Dancing Fitness Article

World Pole Dance Day – A Way for us to All UNITE! World Pole Dance Day is a chance for polers across the world to raise awareness of pole and to spread some pole love. WPDD is a collaboraton between United Pole Artists and Pole Dance Community. WPDD is celebrated annually on September 30th . WPDD is an inclusive event designed to unite polers from all genres. On or before WPDD please share the WPDD logos on your social media.…

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Instagram Censors everyBODYvisible Campaign – – Pole Dancing Fitness Article

Instagram Censors everyBODYvisible Campaign – Written by AM Davies – Photo Credit: Brynne Levy, Sage Sovereighn, Frankie Msgendered, Blaine Petrovia, Cheeky Lane,  Yes, you read that title correctly, Instagram censors everyBODYvisible.  They have censored the anti-censorship campaign, further proving our point.  IG execs have turned their profiles private, they have blocked the @everybodyvisible account.  They have taken notice.  We thought maybe this would be it for us, but we are slowly finding out, we think this may just be the…

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