6-Minute Total Body Workout for New Moms | BEST Total Body Dumbbell Workout for Moms – Fitness Article

One of my favorite go to workouts for moms that are looking for short workouts to do in the comfort of the home and with the kids around. Please make sure you’re cleared by a doctor, and if you have any pain stop and consult your doctor. For a longer workout, complete  3- 5 rounds. First Exercise: Long Jump Run Back1. Start with a hip width apart stance and feet naturally turned out2. Load your squat by sending the glutes…

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A 20 Minute Total Body Workout for New Moms | *BEST* Short HITT Workout for Moms – Fitness Article

A 20 Minute Total Body Workout for New Moms | *BEST* Short HITT Workout for Moms The accountability challenge is finishing up this week, and I’m so proud of the mamas that are watching themselves get consistent in their workouts. Today’s post is one of the workouts from the program. It’s a quick 20 minute workout that will challenge your body, build confidence, and start your journey on fat loss without body hate.  This workout only requires a set of…

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Postpartum Fitness & Nutrition Mindset – Fitness Article

Postpartum Fitness & Nutrition Mindset As a personal trainer in the fitness industry, it’s pretty hard to separate myself from thinking about fitness and nutrition since it’s the world I live in. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but over the years as I dug into which foods are more nutritious and learned the benefits of regular physical movement and exercise, I’ve found it’s easy to get sucked down different rabbit holes that can lead to obsessive behavior and/or…

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