Common Accessory Program Design Mistakes – Fitness Article

Common Accessory Program Design Mistakes Common Accessory Program Design Mistakes: Why it’s important to uncover the source of the problem Talk to any elite multi-modal or CrossFit athlete and they’ll likely tell you accessory work is more than just a popular buzzword: It’s where many of their gains are made. By definition, accessory means to add to something to make it better or more useful. In our case, accessory work is important for building strength and for improving motor control.…

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Improve Your Program Design Prowess – Fitness Article

Improve Your Program Design Prowess Improve your program design prowess by mastering the 3 Ps Have you ever created a training program for a client, who then follows through and diligently executes their sessions, but at the end of it their improvements are a lot smaller than you both had hoped for? Or worse still, your client end ups with some nagging chronic pain in their shoulder that wasn’t there before? Or at the very least, do you find you…

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