How To Get The Very Best From Your Pole Photoshoot – Pole Dancing Fitness Article

How To Get The Very Best From Your Pole Photoshoot 0 Have you been thinking about treating yourself to a professional pole photoshoot to show off your skills in style? Whether you’ve never had a pole photoshoot before or you’d just like some tips for next time, this article is for you! If you’ve never thought about having a pole photoshoot, I would highly recommend booking one. You don’t need to be able to do anything fancy. More…

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What is the Best Way to Track Fitness Progress? – Fitness Article

If you’re actively participating in a program of sport, strength or fitness having reliable markers to track fitness progress may be of importance to you. There are three different types of markers: 1. Physical changes (i.e., body composition). 2. Performance-based progress 3. Mental shifts 4. Health Markers Physical changes are the most common fitness progress marker to track (body weight, body fat, lean muscle, circumference measurements, progress pictures, etc.) but performance-based goals are now gaining popularity too. Maybe you are more concerned with…

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