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Winter Motivation | PCC Blog – Calisthenics Fitness Article

Winter Motivation | PCC Blog “It takes 4 weeks to get used to anything,” said Dino Antinori, who I used to run with in the early 1990’s. “It’s true for exercise, work, or even living with another person.” He was 20 years older than me. We ran together regularly and he was full of practical advice on fitness, strength and life in general. As I’ve worked through the last two decades, I’ve seen it proved many times. “The first week…

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Next Level Strength is Here! – Calisthenics Fitness Article

Next Level Strength is Here! When we got started in fitness, we didn’t have many options. We were just two broke kids from Brooklyn, so we began with what was available to us: push-ups and pull-ups. This was not because we were necessarily “calisthenics guys” but simply because we didn’t have access to any equipment other than a basic doorway pull-up bar and the ground beneath our feet. During the course of our journey, we would explore other methods of…

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