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Sassy’s 2019 Derby Mini Half Marathon Race Report – Salty Running – Running Fitness Article

I love running Derby! As a Saturday race about an hour away the logistics are easy, and it’s a flat, fun course with lots of spectators. It’s also close to my heart since it was the site of not only my first-ever half marathon, but also my first sub-2 half. I had two goals: one I was fairly public about (sub-2:00) and one I had discussed only with my coach and a few other people (1:57). Though honestly, I hadn’t…

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Oceanside, Peru, and St. George – Kelly O’Mara – Running Fitness Article

Hey. Hi. How have things been? Oh me? Not great. You know. If you follow me on the social medias or get the newsletter or listen to the podcast, then you know Oceanside went pretty bad and then I quit the sport during Peru 70.3. If you just want the simple version, stick with that, don’t read farther here. If you want, like, more details than you care about, here they are. Caveat: This isn’t positive or cheerful or trying…

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2018 #FinnsFight Family 5K Race Recap – Running Fitness Article

2018 #FinnsFight Family 5K Race Recap I rummaged through my drawer to see what clean running clothes I had to wear. I took my time getting dressed and then woke Baby rUnladylike up at 7:30 a.m. We all went downstairs for our normal breakfast routine. Banana, eggs, toast. We even read a book before putting on her minture running outfit and pint-sized Sauconys. It was race morning, but it definitely didn’t look or feel like my typical pre-race routine. There…

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Tough Mudder Race Recap – fitcetera – Fitness Article

Tough Mudder Race Recap – fitcetera Paid partnership with Black Tower Wine As you may remember, I took on my first Tough Mudder Half in September, right before Run Every Day October started! Ian and I were lucky enough to receive full hospitality from Black Tower, including our race entry and some snazzy “#cheerstome” t-shirts to wear. Having almost finished a year of Spartan races, I was intrigued to see how the infamous Tough Mudder would compare. And here’s what…

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Virgin London Marathon 2018 – Race Recap – Fitness Article

Virgin London Marathon 2018 – Race Recap When it comes down to it and your heart is punching its way out of your chest, your legs are heavy and you feel dizzy as fuck, the way I see it you have three choices: Drop out of the race, sacrificing your hard work fundraising for charity and that finish-line feeling, not to mention the medal. Push through, risking your health for the pride of a certain hour mark. Dial it back…

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