Take Your Broken Heart and Make It Into Art… Maybe – Fitness Article

Take Your Broken Heart and Make It Into Art… Maybe The wise Nora Ephron once said everything is copy. Life, and often times the hard parts of life, can give us a spark of inspiration. For Nora Ephron it certainly seemed to be true, she transformed her divorce into a work of fiction in her book Heartburn. As I’ve been navigating this break-up, I’ve also been harboring this odd guilt. Why am I not compelled to write more? Why am I not…

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Breaking Up is Hard To Do – Fitness Article

Breaking Up is Hard To Do Sooooo, the breakup. Over the last month, I’ve been thinking a lot about how to talk about this (or simply not) on the blog and social media. On the one hand: I know I don’t owe it to anyone to share ALL the details of my personal life. But on the other hand: It’s hard to talk about my life and not address this major shift. Jeremy and I started dating before this blog or my…

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Dating, Marriage, and Religion – RunningMyselfTogether – Running Fitness Article

This has been on my heart for quite some time now. I’ve talked to people in my life about it, but haven’t talked about it here. Mainly because it’s pretty personal, but also because I didn’t really have the right words to say. I do now. Or at least, I think I do. But more importantly, it feels kind of isolating to live through this (in a strange, non-dramatic way). And we don’t like isolation here in this RunningMyselfTogether community,…

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