Blue – The Scottish XC Relays 2019 – Running Fitness Article

I’ve been quite fortunate/ unfortunate (delete where applicable) to be involved in the relays with my club this year, not just running them but being involved at the sharp end and competing for medals. Now as I say, it’s great scraping the selection, but man it can be a burden, particularly when you are the least talented member of the team, and by some way. It’s the Scottish X Country relays, at Cumbernauld and we have some talented Masters runners. I…

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No Better Place – The start of the Relay season – West Districts and LAAA – Running Fitness Article

Disclaimer: This is my blog and my blog only. It is not affiliated to any club and I am not a committee member of any club. I will continue to write what I like when I like and tough to anyone who doesn’t like that. It’s no massive secret that over the last wee while I have been feeling more than a wee bit disillusioned with my MAC membership. It’s not that MAC is any worse than any other club,…

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