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100 Resistance Band Squat Challenge With Laura London – Fitness Article

100 Resistance Band Squat Challenge With Laura London 100 Resistance Band Squat Challenge – Get ready for another 100 squat challenge. This challenge uses one of my favorite pieces of exercise equipment, the resistance band. Resistance bands are a must for tightening and toning your body.If you are looking to add equipment to a home gym, these are perfect. You can get a full-body workout and never even have to leave the house. Great for travel too. Now there are…

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15 Exercise Tips For People Over 50 – Workout Fitness Article

15 Exercise Tips For People Over 50 Our bodies begin to change drastically after fifty: a more rapid decline in bone density and a greater loss in coordination and motor control. Fortunately, in most cases, all of these things can be slowed or reversed with the implementation of a good fitness program. It’s great to have strength or weight loss goals at this age, but, most importantly, it is the goal to protect one’s physical independence.   Balance Training A…

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Adding Strength Training into Your Cardio Routine – Fitness Article

If you’re seeking to gain greater muscle definition, visible strength, or want to better address muscle imbalances, there’s no need to add expensive equipment to your strength training workouts. Incorporating a few dumbbells and resistance bands isn’t a big investment in time or space and you can even tuck some into an ottoman or under a bookshelf if you don’t have a lot of space to store equipment. As a continuation of our circuit-style strength training article, here are a…

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