RunnerDude’s Blog: Ask the Coach: What’s the Best Fuel? – Running Fitness Article

RunnerDude’s Blog: Ask the Coach: What’s the Best Fuel? As a running coach, one of the most asked questions I get (especially among my race trainees) is, “What’s the best fuel, fat or carbs?”I learned along time ago, that like politics, food can be a very emotional topic for people. So, I’m not here to say one fuel is bad and one fuel is good. I can share from personal experience and from the research which tends to be better…

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Why Do You Run? – Running Fitness Article

Why Do You Run? It’s hard to believe I’ve been running for 35 years. I known so many people over the years who have tested the running waters, and have left the sport for one reason or another. Of course my job as a running coach keeps in running, but I have 25 years of running under my belt when I wasn’t a coach. So what’s kept me running? Sure, I run for the health benefits. Sure, I run to help…

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What Type of Race Trainee Are You? – Running Fitness Article

Life can get crazy when you’re training for a half or full marathon, and sometimes life and throw things at you the can affect your training. If you are working with a running coach, remember he has created a plan for you. Also remember that your training plan is a guide, a guide created specifically for you and your goals. As a running coach for going on 10 years, I’ve come to realize there tends to be four types of…

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