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Why Do You Run? – Running Fitness Article

Why Do You Run? It’s hard to believe I’ve been running for 35 years. I known so many people over the years who have tested the running waters, and have left the sport for one reason or another. Of course my job as a running coach keeps in running, but I have 25 years of running under my belt when I wasn’t a coach. So what’s kept me running? Sure, I run for the health benefits. Sure, I run to help…

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Return to Running Safely After Stress Fracture (and prevent them!) – Running Fitness Article

Return to Running Safely After Stress Fracture (and prevent them!) A few weeks ago on Facebook I asked what injury had taken you out of the running game and I was blown away at the number of people who said stress fracture! Not only that, but how many reported having multiple stress fractures.Like any good journalist my interest was peaked and the research began! I quickly realized that this is one of the most common and frustrating injures among runners…

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How Quickly Can I Increase Running Mileage? Methods and Tips! – Running Fitness Article

How Quickly Can I Increase Running Mileage? Methods and Tips! How can I run farther? I feel like I need to run more to hit my goals. I love running and I just want to run all the time!!! A few of the super common questions and statements I get around how to increase running mileage.Boy do I get it. If could do nothing but run, I likely would.But increasing your mileage and improving endurance aren’t always the same thing.…

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RunnerDude’s Blog: Hitting the Training Wall? – Running Fitness Article

RunnerDude’s Blog: Hitting the Training Wall? Many half or full marathoners can attest to hitting a wall of self-doubt that smacks them in the face about halfway through their training.For first-time half marathoners it’s often around mile nine. For first-time marathoners it’s often around mile 15, 16, or 17.Things are going just dandy in their training  and then all of the sudden, they have a tough run and reality smacks them in the face. “Oh my God! That was hard!”…

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Squashing 8 Deceptive Running Myths – Running Fitness Article

In Victorian times people believed that sports like running were bad for women because “excessive jumping will cause the uterus to be dislodged”. This seems laughable to most of us now, but this one of many running myths continued to circulate even as Kathryn Switzer was running the 1967 marathon. Now is the time to put eight other long running myths (pun intended) to rest and move on to more challenging questions like, why are Trix only for kids? Myth…

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What Type of Race Trainee Are You? – Running Fitness Article

Life can get crazy when you’re training for a half or full marathon, and sometimes life and throw things at you the can affect your training. If you are working with a running coach, remember he has created a plan for you. Also remember that your training plan is a guide, a guide created specifically for you and your goals. As a running coach for going on 10 years, I’ve come to realize there tends to be four types of…

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