running in the heat

Tips for Staying Safe and Beating the Heat – Running Fitness Article

Tips for Staying Safe and Beating the Heat Most of the country has been experiencing a tremendous heatwave. For the South this often means a double whammy because we have heat along with the high humidity and high dew point. Heat can really take a toll on a runner, especially for runners who are in training for their upcoming fall marathons. The only saving grace is knowing that in the fall, when the temperatures drop, they’ll feel faster and stronger. …

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The Beauty of a Good Run – Running Fitness Article

The Beauty of a Good Run I love it when my fall race trainees who are training in the summer have a mild temp/weather run day. They finally get to see their hard work is paying off. You see here in North Carolina, the summers can be brutal for race training. We are blessed with high temperatures June-August. We are also blessed with high dew point. I’ve preached (my pastor dad would be proud) the High Dew Point sermon over…

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