These 5 Safety Tips for Outdoor Exercising May Save Your Life – Fitness Article

It’s dark and you’re jogging along the side of the road. All you can think about is summiting that final hill. And then it happens. A car speeds by just as you’re reaching the crest. The driver doesn’t see you; you don’t hear the roar of the motor. Fortunately, the car narrowly whizzes past you. As the clocks turn back and the days get shorter, exercising outdoors becomes more dangerous. To avoid any new potential hazards, we’ve compiled a list…

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Beat the Heat with These Summer Running Tips – Running Fitness Article

Home » Beginners » Beat the Heat with These Summer Running Tips No matter where you live whether it’s in Florida or Alaska, summer is hot. And that might make your summer runs not very enjoyable!   In this article, we’ll talk about running in the summer and heat, why it’s hard, and tips to make summer runs easier. Soon you won’t be dreading those summer runs quite as much.   Why is it so hard…

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Beta-Alanine, Widely Used, but Rarely Tested for Safety!? Individual Studies Find Serum / Muscle Taurine is Reduced by >20%, However the Totality of Evidence Suggests… – Workout Fitness Article

Reductions in muscle and especially serum taurine have indeed also been observed in humans, but the fact that they do not occur in lower dose studies and cannot be observed consistently in studies using higher dosages (6g) suggests that they shouldn’t be a problem for the average BA user. Regular SuppVersity readers will be familiar with the way(s) in which taurine (#TAU) and beta-alanine seem to both complement and antagonize each other. Beta-alanine, in particular, has been found to deplete muscular…

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