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» The Anatomy of a Running Shoe FueledByLOLZ – Running Fitness Article

The Anatomy of a Running Shoe: The anatomy of a running shoe is a post I’ve wanted to write for a while. Since I write a shoe review most weeks, it occurred to me that many people didn’t realize what the actual parts that made up a running shoe are. No shame in that; your only job is to make sure the shoe feels good when you wear it.  It is easier to describe what you like or don’t like…

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» New Balance 1400v6 Shoe Review FueledByLOLZ – Running Fitness Article

The New Balance 1400v6 Shoe Review: The New Balance 1400 is a consistent and established racing flat for many runners. There is enough cushion to race a marathon, but it’s also light enough to race a hard mile. In my quest to find a marathon racing shoe for the New York City Marathon, I tried the New Balance 1400v6. Ultimately, I think the New Balance Fuelcell Rebel will be my marathon choice, but I like the ride of the NB…

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