Should You Jump On The Fasting Bandwagon? – Fitness Article

The advice emanating from the scientific community and media used to be pretty straightforward. Eat three meals a day. Cut down on snacks, and always have a big breakfast. However, while this might be the conventional wisdom, many scientists are breaking ranks, claiming that the evidence doesn’t seem to prescribe fixed eating patterns. The vast majority of people, it seems, eat when the culture says that they should. It has nothing to do with the optimal solution for their biology.…

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Should Of Sent This 2 Days Ago – Fitness Article

Should Of Sent This 2 Days Ago So I have been procrastinating Yes I know you do it to. I have let you all down you signed up for daily emails for honest advice and tips and obviously the banter. But I have not filled my promise. This can happen with our diets and training also We are tracking everything on MyFitnessPal then we stop one day and leave it for month or be like ahhh it is Friday –…

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