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Better Strength Training Is Just One Step Away (BodyBuilding.Com Feature) – Intrinsic Strength Training® – Workout Fitness Article

Make this simple change to movements you’re probably already doing, and you’ll feel a difference instantly. If you’re looking to make your stale training more dynamic, read this!In life, the majority of our movement is done with what’s called a “gait pattern.” Most or all of our body weight is on one leg, while the opposite leg is traveling. With each step, the position of the entire body changes. Your foot position changes your pelvic position, which changes your spinal…

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Athletic Weight Training – Rear Step Deadlift to Forward Step Overhead Press – Intrinsic Strength Training® – Workout Fitness Article

Deadlifting/Hip hinging and Overhead Pressing are two fundamental weight lifting patterns. Combine the two for an athletic approach to building your body #SpineStrong #IntrinsicStrength This exercise is challenging, especially on my non dominant side. Step 1. Take a rear step while simultaneously hip hingeing and reaching the weight towards the ground. Focus on using the non stepping leg to decelerate the body before crashing into the ground.(Angelo’s Advice) Focus on controlling and slowing down the body with your stance leg…

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