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Digital Marketing for Gyms (Guide) – Workout Fitness Article

Digital Marketing for Gyms (Guide) Get the Basics… Knowing your target market and appealing to it is a necessity across all forms of marketing. The Call-to-Action is a must in everything you present to the customer. Never stop working to win over your current customers; you must keep them engaged. Learn to leverage the cost-free opportunities that only digital marketing provides. Marketing your gym or training business online is more vital than ever and is also more within your reach.…

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Are Cohesive Instagram Aesthetics Officially Out of Fashion? – Fitness Article

I recently read this article about instagram in The Atlantic. The article talks about about how having an aesthetically pleasing, curated, instagram feed is officially out of fashion. It explains that younger influencers are moving towards a messier, less filtered vibe on instagram. Gone are the days of doing it for the ‘gram and heading to some pink wall to snap some cutesy photos. Which for the record, I’m totes guilty of doing on multiple occasions… Why I think this change…

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