Threshold Pace: How to Find It and Use It In Your Training Runs – Running Fitness Article

If you’re looking to up your running game, threshold running is the way to do it. This is especially true for distance runners because it helps you avoid overtraining while still getting in plenty of training. In this article, we’ll cover what threshold pace is, how to determine it, and how to use it in training. By the end, you’ll know how to best take advantage of threshold pace for optimum results. What is Threshold Pace?…

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parkruns and training | AnnaTheApple – Running Fitness Article

I haven’t been as “on it” with my blog latey so I thought I’d do a little recap of things going on over here. Unsurprisingly to many and disappointingly to myself, speed training has not been happening. The intention and motivation is definitely there but a few things have gotten in the way. I did actually turn up at a speed training session with my club, Hedge End RC. The problem was I did a few miles beforehand as I…

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