Stress Management

Stress relieving tips – Pilates Fitness Article

Stress relieving tips Wash away stress with these simple tips 2015 for me started with the incredible experience of welcoming our new baby home. It was a wonderful time, but did also ring in the reality, that the resolutions I had were probably going to need a little re-thinking. In fact, between changing nappies at home and changing springs in the studio, I figured this could be a great opportunity to share some quick and easy stress relieving tips. It doesn’t…

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Learning to Accept and Let Go – Workout Fitness Article

Learning to Accept and Let Go Feelings of stress can manifest in different ways for different people. In some cases, internal tension emerges because situations in our lives do not match our internal expectations, or because things do not go as per our plan. Over the years, I have learned that this internal stress can occur more intensely for individuals who have higher self-efficacy and an internal locus of control. We define self-efficacy as a strong belief in our personal…

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How Adaptogens Can Supercharge Your Energy and Kill Your Stress – Fitness Article

Adaptogens have been part of the Ayurveda and Chinese herbal practices from ancient times – dating back thousands of years. The word ‘adaptogens’ got its name around 1947 from Dr. Nikolai Lazarev, a Russian scientist. He wanted to find certain substances that would help the body to be able to adapt to emotional and physical stress. In ancient times, people would look to plants to get better, passing down the knowledge from one generation to the next. Adaptogens have normalizing…

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