Success Story: Ciara Johnson | Youfit Success Story – Fitness Article

“Personal trainers are so expensive, I can’t afford to get in shape.” “I just really like food and can’t stick to a healthy diet.”  Do either of these statements sound relatable? At one point or another these thoughts have crossed most people’s minds when thinking about how to meet their fitness goals. Nevertheless, it’s not always the popular vote to make a change for the better.  Some people like Ciara Johnson of Youfit Pembroke Pines make the decision to be…

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Mass Training Program and Best Bulking Foods For Hardgainers – FitFrek – Workout Fitness Article

Mass Training Program and Best Bulking Foods For Hardgainers – FitFrek Commonly people think the best exercises are the ones that directly stimulate a targeted muscle group. While yes, that is a great way to activate certain muscle groups, that isn’t necessarily the best way to build on size. It’s a good way to struggle for years to put on size. Compound lifts are not only the best way to build strength and size but it’s also the most effective. Start your first few…

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I came to say hello – Fitness Article

Hello dear! How are you  doing? Have you missed me? I know I haven’t written in a while. My new adventure has had me busy and I have needed some time to make adjustments and get used to this new stage of my life. Although the journalists and the magazines editors are very kind to me and make my work simple, I cannot help feeling the responsibility of giving my best to their readers (millions, literally). So I have also…

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How do I become an online personal trainer? [Step-by-Step Guide] – Workout Fitness Article

If you want to become a successful online fitness trainer, then you’re at the right place. We have personal trainers, gym owners, and fitness coaches using the software platform every single day to grow their online personal training business (and their in-person businesses). Here’s the thing: becoming a successful, even wildly successful online personal trainer is absolutely possible; it just takes work. But hey, that’s the same speech you give clients before training with you, right? Put in the…

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