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Huel Ready to Drink Review: Is It Worth It? – Fitness Article

14/10/2019 share tweet share Huel Ready to Drink Review We recently tried out Huel’s nutritionally-complete powder with great results so we were keen to try another product from their range. Enter the Huel Ready to Drink bottle. Like its powder counterpart, the ready to drink bottle is described as a ‘complete meal’. At the time of writing, It comes in the following flavours: berry, chocolate and vanilla. Including a big part of your daily nutrient intake in a ready to drink…

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Complete Nutrition or Complete Bullsh**t? – Fitness Article

Complete Nutrition or Complete Bullsh**t? 28/07/2019 share tweet share Huel Powder Review: 100% Complete Nutrition or Complete Bullsh**t?Every now and then, a newly marketed ‘healthy’ product will enter the health and fitness industry making bold claims such as:· Complete nutrition· Save time· Save money· No waste· Vegan· SimpleWhilst these claims suffer from the terrible stench of ‘too good to be true’, I couldn’t help but notice the raving response of many ‘Huelers’ across the web and on social media.Far and…

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