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Delivering Our Best When We Feel Our Worst – Pilates Fitness Article

Delivering Our Best When We Feel Our Worst As teachers, how do we stay grounded? How do we manage distractions? We must focus on changing the rhythm of our teaching style and hone in on centering our intention, relaxing our energy and focusing on self care. Delivering our best when we feel our worst. You know, those days when our body feels wrecked: When the mornings feel rushed, Our schedule is scattered, We become impatient, We’re hungry, dehydrated and overly…

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Your Students Are Your Teachers – Pilates Fitness Article

Your Students Are Your Teachers Although we have various reasons for venturing into our Pilates journey, the fire that keeps most of us going is our enthusiasm for the work itself. Sharing this passion with others can result in many things, from love and joy to frustration and despair. An early morning lesson with a Pilates enthusiast can be easily handled, whereas a 6:00 pm session that evening with someone who had a bad day can validate an evening glass…

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Teaching from Empowerment | The Core – Pilates Fitness Article

Teaching from Empowerment | The Core I have always felt that Pilates has empowered me both physically and mentally and I hope to transmit that to my clients and students. It doesn’t have to be all depth all the time and a session should obviously not be psychoanalysis, but the truth is that sometimes, a session may lead to a heart-to-heart conversation that brings up important questions about our lives and practice.  And we may come to understand that we’re…

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