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Love, Hearts and the Pilates Method – Pilates Fitness Article

Love, Hearts and the Pilates Method The original version of today’s post was my very first blog post ever on Pilatesology, so I thought today I would shine it up a little and share some love, circulation and Pilates on this, our sweetest of all days. February Valentine’s Day Hearts! Chocolates The Hundred Ah but I digress… Pilates does wonderful things for your heart muscle. There are also many individuals who express an extreme devotion and LOVE for the Pilates…

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Getting Bored vs. Getting Better – Pilates Fitness Article

Getting Bored vs. Getting Better It’s no secret I spend considerable time thinking about our beloved Pilates Method. My favorite aspect of our system is, well, that whole ‘system’ thing… I truly enjoy that we have a specific framework in which to workout. Order! Order! Our classical system has a specific order of exercises on the Reformer and on the Mat. Combined with ‘We only have one exercise‘ Joe Pilates has literally built crucial skill-building into his method. Repetition is…

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