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Marathon Mental Prep: be ready for the big race — Sarah Canney – Running Fitness Article

Claim Your Strength What you believe about yourself is the most powerful indicator of the success you will have. Believe you are strong? Then you’ll show up with strength. Believe you are confident? Then you’ll show up confident. Believe you can’t run well in the heat? Well then you can’t. Wonder if you will struggle in the final miles of marathon? Well, then you will. Sometimes we need a gentle reminder from ourselves of our own strength. It’s easy to…

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Add a “Shuffle To Your Walks – Running Fitness Article

Whether you are a walker or use the run/walk method, shuffling can help aid recovery and battle next day soreness. Shuffling is barely moving your feet and legs to let the walking muscles recover. With your feet to the ground, use a short stride with minimal movement. You’re still moving forward, but not having to spend much energy doing so. When you insert 30-60 seconds of shuffling into a regular walk, every 1-5 minutes, your walking muscles relax and rest.…

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How to Nail Your Next Goal Race — Sarah Canney – Running Fitness Article

How to Nail Your Next Goal Race — Sarah Canney The race is not the end point.Shifting your mentality to see your goal race not as an end point, but as a point along a journey can be a challenge. Your training is constructed specifically for that race, sometimes your daily habits change as your prepare. It can feel as if your life is revolving around that one goal. Things can become black and white as you focus on your…

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Meet Your #UAeastside10K Pacer Team! – Running Fitness Article

Meet Your #UAeastside10K Pacer Team! We’re excited to announce your 2019 Under Armour Eastside 10K Pacer team! This crew has been hand-picked from dozens of applications to ensure our runners are set-up to hit PBs and run their best on September 14th. Check them out, pick your favourite, and run with them on race day! Pace Time: 40 minutes Name: Vivian (@vdavidsonc) A little about Vivian: I love running and helping people so pacing allows me to combine both of…

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Running in the Summer Heat – Running Fitness Article

Running in the heat is something to be taken seriously! There is a lot to keep in mind while you continue to run during the summer months. You cannot run as fast when the temperature rises above 60F/14C. If you slow down 30 seconds a mile for every 5F increase above 60F, you can be the one who is finishing strong and passing other runners at the end. For every second you run too fast during the first half of…

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#1 Drill To Get Faster – Running Fitness Article

So many people want to know how to get faster. It is one of the most frequently asked questions that I get. And, I am going to share the #1 drill to get faster – my cadence drill. This should be done on a non-long run day. It is fine however, to do it as a part of your warm-up before a race or a speed workout. Many runners have also told me that this is a nice way to…

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Meet Your Saucony Pacer Team! – Running Fitness Article

Trying to get under the two-hour mark? Looking for a running buddy to keep you motivated through your race? Pacers are a great resource for runners to help maintain pace, keep you motivated, and maybe push you towards that elusive new PB! New this year, we will be offering a wider range of pace times to help keep you on track. So here they are, our 2019 Saucony Pacer Team at the Scotiabank Vancouver Half Marathon: Pace Time: 1:30 Name: Lucas (@lusocio)…

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Make Time to Revive | Jeff Galloway – Running Fitness Article

Make Time to Revive | Jeff Galloway Do you ever feel that you just have too many things to do? You make lists of all the things that have to get done and those lists just seem to be endless. It’s almost difficult to be able to find time just to take a break. Don’t you long for “recess” period, during elementary school? Actually, recess is a great concept for adults also. Even if it’s only a 5-10 minute walk…

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Bouncing Back From The Run That Didn’t Go According To Plan – Running Fitness Article

Bouncing Back From The Run That Didn’t Go According To Plan All runners have bad days. The most prominent factor that sets a champion apart from others is the ability to move forward after that run that didn’t go according to plan. Figuring out just how to bounce back! Me cheering on the runners with the Raleigh, North Carolina Galloway Program As many of you may have seen, last weekend at the Tobacco Road Marathon, I had my first DNF…

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