Cheat Day: Does This Meal Really Affect Your Diet? – Running Fitness Article

Cheat Day: Does This Meal Really Affect Your Diet? To cheat or not to cheat? That is the big question those looking to have a clean diet face often, sometimes on the daily. Having a cheat meal doesn’t seem like it has poor consequences in theory. But how much does having a cheat day really affect our overall diet?There are pros and cons to having a cheat day. Allowing yourself your favorite food or snack once a week or every…

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CrossFit For Beginners: Exercises And Tips To Get Started – Running Fitness Article

CrossFit is all the rage. It’s quickly become a popular fitness trend, proving to be more than just a workout program. It’s a lifestyle. But CrossFit training can be intimidating when looking to get started in this world. However, CrossFit workouts can be done even for beginners who have no previous experience. There was once a misconception that CrossFit is for those extremely passionate fitness enthusiasts who like to lift heavy weights and show off their athletic abilities by doing…

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Best Metabolism Boosting Foods – A Complete List – Running Fitness Article

When it comes to our diet, there are certain foods we should be consuming and some we should stay away from when looking to lose or maintain weight. Diet directly effects metabolism, and there are lots of metabolism-boosting foods to encourage calorie burn. Weight loss has a simple formula: burn more calories than consumed. This is done by exercise and a healthy, well-balanced diet. Metabolism is the process in which the body converts food into energy needed to fuel the…

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How Often Should You Spin? Spin Class Guide for Runners – Running Fitness Article

How Often Should You Spin? Spin Class Guide for Runners Sometimes all we want to do is run. But it’s important to also include other cross-training workouts into the mix to keep things fresh and to avoid injury. This is why taking a spin class is a great option for runners. But how often should you spin?Many runners are also cyclists. This makes sense since cycling is great on the joints since it is a low-impact activity, yet still strengthens…

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