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2019 Revel Mt Lemmon Marathon Race Recap – Running Fitness Article

2019 Revel Mt Lemmon Marathon Race Recap This year has been the busiest running year of my life… and I just closed it out with my last marathon of the year, the Revel Mt. Lemmon Marathon in Tucson, AZ! For the fourth year in a row (!), Melissa and I planned a racecation to check a new state off our list (this wasn’t the original intention, but now we’ve become a little more creative with our planning). From D.C. to…

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Winter is coming [October recap] – Running Fitness Article

Winter is coming [October recap] Looking back, I haven’t done a recap post since MAY. I don’t know where summer (or the past few months, really) went and honestly, I’m not quite sure I would do it justice to try and recap it in one big blog post (but if you are interested: I did write somewhat of a summer/life recap HERE that you should check out)! October was a crazy month. We traveled to Michigan… …and Sacramento for weddings…

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