Winter is coming [October recap] – Running Fitness Article

Winter is coming [October recap] Looking back, I haven’t done a recap post since MAY. I don’t know where summer (or the past few months, really) went and honestly, I’m not quite sure I would do it justice to try and recap it in one big blog post (but if you are interested: I did write somewhat of a summer/life recap HERE that you should check out)! October was a crazy month. We traveled to Michigan… …and Sacramento for weddings…

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How Anna Mae Flynn Trains for Trail Ultramarathons – Running Fitness Article

Ultramarathons are quickly becoming this generation’s marathon: everyone seems to be doing an ultra-distance race! Anna Mae Flynn running in the Grand Canyon. PC Joshua Stevens The sport of ultra running is exploding right now. Consider that the number of ultramarathons grew by about 1,000% over the last decade. In 2006, about 160 races were listed around the world. Last year, that number grew to an incredible 1,800. In 2003, nearly 18,000 people finished an ultra in North America. That…

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2019 Loopet Loppet Race Review – Running Fitness Article

I think I forgot to write a race review for this last year (or life was too crazy and I never got around to it), but this is my second year running the Loopet Loppet! Some background: The Loppet Foundation is a local Minneapolis foundation that focuses on making physical activity accessible/important to all and the Loopet Loopet is a trail run that they host where you try to run as much as you can in 12 hours. They have…

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52 Dos and Don’ts of Running an Ultramarathon – Running Fitness Article

The holidays are behind us, the darkest days of winter are now over, and if you’re like most runners, you’re likely thinking about your first race of the year. It’s typical to take some time off after a busy fall race schedule to relax and recover, and that first race back is always full of excitement and nerves. For me, my first race of the year fell a few weeks ago at the South Mountains Marathon, a trail marathon in…

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How to Run an Ultramarathon (A Trail Talk Series) – Running Fitness Article

How to Run an Ultramarathon (A Trail Talk Series) Want to run an ultramathon, but don’t know where to start? In this multi-part (4-part? Maybe 5 or 6-part?) Trail Talk series, we’ll explore the ins and outs of training for your first ultramathon, including: Choosing your first race. Ultramarathon training: What to expect. The mental side of running an ultramarathon. Dialing in your nutrition for a 50K or 50M race. The mindset shift from marathon to ultra. Race day, broken…

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