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Additional Site and Podcast – Running Fitness Article

Additional Site and Podcast I’ve created a second website: UltraRunningHistory.com to do a podcast and to collect my history-related posts together on one site. I’m enjoying uncovering more untold stories about ultrarunning history and wanted to preserve those separate from my blog, and hopefully gather history items from others. UltraRunningHistory.com will be the home of my new podcast where I will tell more stories about ultrarunning history and interview some of the amazing legends of the past. The podcast…

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My Path to Ultrarunning – Running Fitness Article

My Path to Ultrarunning The journey to becoming an ultrarunner has many varied paths. I personally never dreamed to be a runner of any kind and in fact most of my life, pretty much despised running. But along these unexpected paths, running somehow evolved. This story is mostly for me, to look back and understand where I came from, but it also may be of interest to others as they too become an ultrarunner.  Perhaps this is my runner…

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Cheating in Ultrarunning – Running Fitness Article

Cheating in Ultrarunning With recent public cases of ultrarunners being disqualified for cutting courses, there has been many shocked and angry discussions on social media about the topic. I’ve had deep feelings and thoughts on this topic, as I was directly impacted by one of these cases for nearly three years. I’m ready to share some of these thoughts. First, you must understand that cheating in our sport has been happening for decades. Many of us have just ignored it.…

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Passing of ultrarunning legend Ken Young – Running Fitness Article

Passing of ultrarunning legend Ken Young I’m very sad to hear that Ken Young passed away on Saturday.  I wrote the following summary of his running accomplishments in my online book Swift Endurance Legends. Ken Young, of Petrolia California, was an accomplished runner. But he impacted running in America far more by collecting running results and creating running statistics. He grew up in Pasadena, California and attended high school in Phoenix, Arizona. As a youth he loved running and math.…

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