REVIEW: Sugoi’s Zap Tech clothing line – Running Fitness Article

REVIEW: Sugoi’s Zap Tech clothing line Sugoi understands that the fear of not being seen is enough to deter the most enthusiastic runner. This is why they’ve integrated Zap technology in their winter running line, offering runners the confidence they need to keep them going through through the colder months.   RELATED: Sugoi Zap Technology: a winter runner’s dream Sugoi Firewall 180 Zap Tights Runners want the confidence of being seen, without resembling a Christmas tree. Thankfully, Sugoi’s Firewall 180…

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Safety First! A Guide to Seeing and Being Seen in the Dark – Salty Running – Running Fitness Article

Safety First! A Guide to Seeing and Being Seen in the Dark – Salty Running This Halloween, I’m handing out flashing lights like candy before I hit a runner while I myself am on my way to run. My morning runs are already noticeably darker, but with Daylight Saving Time kicking in November 3, it’s going to get worse before it gets better. (I mean, literally, we’re losing daylight until the winter solstice.) According to our highly scientific Twitter poll,…

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The best running gear for visibility – Running Fitness Article

With the clocks changing this weekend, it’s a sure sign to us that winter is coming. And with winter comes a whole lot of running in the dark for us. Whether it’s first thing in the morning or after work at night, during this time of year it’s good to keep yourself safe and visible. Wearing high-vis clothing makes sure you’re obvious to other runners, cyclists and road users so they can give you the space you need to run…

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