The Only Motivation You Need to Get Moving on Monday is a Dog – Fitness Article

The Only Motivation You Need to Get Moving on Monday is a Dog Dogs are our best friends, and apparently, they’re also pretty reliable workout partners. Results from a large-scale study show that dog owners are four times more likely to meet daily physical activity guidelines than non-dog owners. This shouldn’t come as a big surprise. Dogs need to be walked, and for people living in a city or suburb, there are few other ways to get a dog to…

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These 5 Safety Tips for Outdoor Exercising May Save Your Life – Fitness Article

It’s dark and you’re jogging along the side of the road. All you can think about is summiting that final hill. And then it happens. A car speeds by just as you’re reaching the crest. The driver doesn’t see you; you don’t hear the roar of the motor. Fortunately, the car narrowly whizzes past you. As the clocks turn back and the days get shorter, exercising outdoors becomes more dangerous. To avoid any new potential hazards, we’ve compiled a list…

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Add a “Shuffle To Your Walks – Running Fitness Article

Whether you are a walker or use the run/walk method, shuffling can help aid recovery and battle next day soreness. Shuffling is barely moving your feet and legs to let the walking muscles recover. With your feet to the ground, use a short stride with minimal movement. You’re still moving forward, but not having to spend much energy doing so. When you insert 30-60 seconds of shuffling into a regular walk, every 1-5 minutes, your walking muscles relax and rest.…

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