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Body Shaming A Disgrace #DownWithBodyShaming – Fitness Article

Body Shaming A Disgrace #DownWithBodyShaming Standing on bathroom scale concept for dieting, slimming or overweight Hey everyone, we are here with another post on body shaming as we at Indian Weight Loss Blog are dedicated to spread awareness about leading a healthy lifestyle keeping in view individual body and health problems. You can read more viewpoints on #DownWithBodyShaming here. and here.. #DownWithBodyShaming What exactly is Body Shaming? Body-shaming is the act of criticizing and harassing overweight or underweight people about…

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Is Your Diet Damaging Your Brain? – Fitness Article

Is Your Diet Damaging Your Brain? Our brain is the powerhouse of our body. All our actions are controlled by our brain, ranging from even the slightest task of blinking the eye to standing up from a chair. The brain gets energy from the food we consume. The best functions are performed when nutritious diet is consumed and it is very necessary to consume a balanced diet in order for proper functioning of the body. Food is one of the…

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Everything you need to know about Music Therapy – Fitness Article

Everything you need to know about Music Therapy Hey everyone, Have you heard about Music Therapy?  Let us talk about this technologically advancing world where there are a whole lot of new therapies being introduced to comfort human mind. The main motive of such therapies is to make the person enjoy the benefits of therapy. The main objective is to heal while having fun. One such underrated yet awe-inspiring therapy is Music Therapy. What is Music Therapy? Music Therapy helps…

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Are Healthy Food Combinations Just A Myth! – Fitness Article

Are Healthy Food Combinations Just A Myth!   Food combining has become very popular these days. Supporters of food combinations believe that wrong food combinations can cause various diseases, toxin-buildup, and digestive distress, on the contrary, correct food combinations can be useful. What is healthy food combination? Food combination or combining is pairing of certain foods together. The basic idea is that there exist such combinations as well which are improper. For example: eating steak with potatoes can have negative…

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Facial Pains And What They Indicate – Fitness Article

The pain which occurs in the orofacial region (face, mouth, ears, eyes and the head) is normally the result of a problem, which is somewhere far from it. According to a study, people who complained about the headaches at the top of the skull and had the rigidity near the base; It was due to the tips of the fingers rather than the stress because the fingers had the nerves connected directly to the top of the skull and often,…

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Understanding The Ingredients In Skin Care Products – Fitness Article

Beauty industry is a confusing one. Sometimes it seems only people with technical knowledge can make sense of beauty labels and ingredient lists. That’s a problem, of course – the less information we have, the more vulnerable we are, and that is true for most consumer areas, not just cosmetics. Read this informative article to find more about ingredients used in skincare products. Always read the ingredient list. It’s still not a 100% guarantee that you know what you get…

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Top 7 Yoga Poses for Fertility – Fitness Article

Yoga Poses for Fertility These days our lives are filled with stress and our schedules are quite erratic. This has given rise to several health issues. Meeting deadlines, working late at the night and having almost nil ‘me time’ has taken precedence in our world. One common problem due to stress and a hurried way of living is infertility. Many couples are not able to conceive and if you too have this issue, it is time to turn to yoga.…

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When Should You Avoid Ginger? – Fitness Article

Hello All!!!! Ginger is an answer to a lot of ailments like colds, cough, or digestive problems. However, it has cons also that are not known to many people. It may be hailed in Ayurveda but even this natural form of medication can be a health hazard for people who have certain health conditions. If you have any of the following conditions, you should stop eating ginger right away! Ginger is effective in weight loss and that is why many…

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