Ideal rep range for building muscle? – Deadlift is Medicine – Fitness Article

In this post, I will be discussing about the different rep ranges that are commonly used in workout routines to build muscle – with science! Stick around to find out more. At the “Conclusion” section, I have a program recommendation which puts everything that is discussed here into an organized workout routine. If you’d like to go straight to the program, click HERE. Table of contents Introduction Low reps for building muscle High reps for building muscle Moderate reps for…

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Abs Workout Routine For Home|Abdominal Exercises – Fitness Article

Posted on May 2, 2016 | When it comes to abs everybody wants them but many people have no clue of what it takes to truly get them. Even the best abs workout routine in the world wouldn’t help you with out learning the truth about abdominal muscles. So if you’ve been hitting the sit ups and crunches with very little to no results, you should really read the next section before you start looking for abdominal…

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Hindu Squats Workout Routine | Best Squat Exercises – Fitness Article

Posted on Mar 3, 2016 | When I first read about Hindu squats, its started out with the history. To make it short it all started in India and it was one of the basic exercises of the wrestlers. Using the squat exercise to gain strength and endurance, an Indian champion named “The Great Gama” was said to never lost a match. Rumor has it that this guy did a million hindu squats a day (a little…

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Michael B Jordan Workout Routine | THE MOVIE CREED – Fitness Article

Posted on Jan 30, 2016 | Actor Michael B. Jordan, who plays the illegitimate son of Apollo Creed, from the legendary “Rocky” films, really went through a major transformation for this film. The transformation into Adonis Creed took about 6 months with high intensity and hard work. Having Sylvester Stalone as a mentor off and on the camera he gets the best of both worlds, being that Rocky is in his corner guiding his path as an professional boxer.…

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30 Minute Workout Routine (BODY WEIGHT EXERCISES) – Fitness Article

30 Minute Workout Routine (BODY WEIGHT EXERCISES) Posted on Jan 25, 2016 | Why would I need a 30 minute workout routine? being honest the average person benefits more from short mini workouts. Strength, muscle mass and endurance are just a few of the benefits. Using bodyweight exercises we can put together a bodybuilding workout plan without having to use any gym equipment at all. This gives us the ability to get in a quick heart pumping…

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