Improve Your Program Design Prowess – Fitness Article

Improve Your Program Design Prowess Improve your program design prowess by mastering the 3 Ps Have you ever created a training program for a client, who then follows through and diligently executes their sessions, but at the end of it their improvements are a lot smaller than you both had hoped for? Or worse still, your client end ups with some nagging chronic pain in their shoulder that wasn’t there before? Or at the very least, do you find you…

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Incentivizing Your Coaches to Care – Fitness Article

The client, the coach and the business: If you’re in the fitness industry, the hope is that all three can be successful. For this to happen, the client needs a solution to his/her problem—to get and stay fit and healthy. The coach needs job fulfillment and an opportunity to make a professional wage so he can have a long-term career in fitness. And the business needs clients and coaches to stick around in order to be profitable. None of this…

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