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ALL ABOUT ZUMBA FITNESS – MyZumbaBody.com A new fitness adventure might intimidate you at first. Intimidation, however, is not something you can find in a Zumba class. Ignore the “ifs and buts” -just sign up to get started. Join the world’s largest fitness party and let those fears go away.Here are the things you might want to know before you go.What is Zumba?Zumba- dubbed as an exercise in disguise is a Latin inspired cardio-dance workout. It uses music and choreographed steps…

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TOP 6 HEALTH BENEFITS OF ZUMBA – MyZumbaBody – Zumba Fitness Article

TOP 6 HEALTH BENEFITS OF ZUMBA – MyZumbaBody Workouts need not be a chore. With Zumba Fitness, you won’t feel like you’re working out at all: it’s a dance party! The music is fast and infectious, Weight loss: Zumba Fitness can burn up to 1,000 calories a class. Zumba encompasses movement of the whole body so you’ll be able to tone in no time without feeling as if you are working out.   Improved coordination: Improving your coordination is extremely important for…

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